The story is filled with action, great scenes, and some very amusing dialogues. Life in Mistle End is not always happy and for sure not boring at all. Cedrik is again, in a position where it seems that his power is the only thing that can help solve all the problems, Mistle End is facing. And after the end of this second book, I am looking forward to the third and last of this trilogy.

Die Chroniken Von Mistle End-Die Jagd Beginnt*
by Benedict Mirow
Die Chroniken Von Mistle End #2
Publisher Thienemann on May 24, 2021
Genre Fantasy
Pages 411
Format Hardcover
Source Library

The residents of Mistle End celebrate the end of winter. Sparkling flirty elves decorate the village, stalls with wondrous things invite you to discover them and the performance of the magic circus is the highlight of the happy days. But just then an insidious attack occurs: a thief has stolen the book of lost paths. If it falls into the wrong hands, Mistle End is in great danger! Do the Thorn Witches or Crutch the Dark Druid have anything to do with this? To get the book back, Cedrik and his friends Emily and Elliot secretly travel to London. But shapeshifters and witches are not welcome in the big city, because this is where the vampires have built their spooky kingdom. And they don't tolerate intruders. A breathless chase begins... (Personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary).
Cedrik and his friends need to find a book. A book that contains all the hidden paths which lead to Mistle End. The moment it was stolen from Mistle End is the moment he and all the others who live there are in danger. Their journey to find it is dangerous, long, and not easy at all.

Benedict Mirow´s simple style of writing also makes this second volume worth reading. The author has a wonderful imagination that unfolds before the enthusiastic reader´s eyes in wonderful scenes and expressive dialogues. The scene in the planetarium alone was brilliantly designed.

What I didn´t like so much, on the other hand, were the sometimes somewhat gruesome scenes towards the end of the book. There was a little too much violence involved for a children´s book. At least for my taste.

This time the focus is even more on Cedrik and his friends, siblings Emily and Elliot. The three friends are once again involved in an adventure and experience situations that range from wonderfully amusing to bloody and cruel.

Cedrik has already learned a lot in terms of his ability as a druid. He trusts his instincts and can defuse many a situation with the skills he has learned in the meantime. But even in Mistle End, kids are just kids. And so, the adults don´t take a lot of things seriously, which almost ends fatally for Cedrik and his friends.

A good sequel to the first volume. The plot is very varied and action-packed right from the start and once again takes the reader into the world of Mistle End and its magical inhabitants. I´m looking forward to the third and probably last part.

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Deutsche Rezension

Der schlichte Schreibstil von Benedict Mirow macht auch diesen zweiten Band absolut lesenswert. Der Autor hat eine wundervolle Fantasie, die sich in herrlichen Szenen und ausdrucksstarken Dialogen vor dem begeisterten Leserauge entfaltet. Allein die Szene im Planetarium war genial gestaltet.

Was mir hingegen nicht so gut gefallen hat, waren die teilweise doch etwas grausamen Szenen gegen Ende des Buches. Da war mir für ein Kinderbuch dann doch ein wenig zu viel Gewalt im Spiel.

Diesmal liegt der Fokus noch viel mehr auf Cedrik und seinen Freunden, den Geschwistern Emily und Elliot. Die drei Freunde sind erneut in ein Abenteuer verwickelt und erleben Situationen, die von herrlich amüsant bis blutig und grausam gehen.

Cedrik hat schon viel gelernt, was seine Fähigkeit als Druide angeht. Er vertraut seinem Instinkt und kann so manche Situation mit seinem mittlerweile erlernten Können entschärfen. Aber auch in Mistle End sind Kinder einfach nur Kinder. Und so nehmen die Erwachsenen vieles nicht ernst, was für Cedrik und seine Freunde beinahe tödlich endet.

Eine gelungene Fortsetzung des ersten Bandes. Die Handlung ist von Anfang an sehr Abwechslungs- und actionreich und entführt den Leser erneut in die Welt von Mistle End und deren magischen Bewohner. Bin gespannt auf den dritten und wohl auch letzten Teil.

Benedict Mirow
Benedict Mirow ©Matthias Boch

Benedict Mirow was born in Munich in 1974. The ethnologist and director has been writing, shooting, and producing documentaries in the fields of art and culture for many years and creates film portraits about artists such as Daniel Hope, Lang Lang, and Paulo Coelho. He has won numerous international awards with his films, including a Diapason d´Or, an International Classical Music Award, and a Klassik Echo; as an ethnological consultant, he played a key role in the success of Caroline Link´s OSCAR® winner Nowhere in Africa. After spending time in Africa and Vienna, Benedict Mirow now lives and works with his daughter and two cats in Munich and writes fantasy novels for children.


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