It is Monday and it is Valentine´s Day. Did you already get your special wrapped flowers or chocolate? Have you been invited for a candlelight dinner if possible? Or isn´t that how you celebrate this day? Do you celebrate it at all? For days now I have watched people buying overpriced sweets and flowers wrapped in special Valentine´s paper or boxes with a heart design or just colored in red. The color of love. The heart is THE design for Valentine´s Day.

For me, a flower lover, it doesn´t need one special day to remind me of love or that I am loved. Because I get flowers all year long. Not always a rose, no, but all sorts of other flowers. And a book with a romance novel inside is what makes my heart jump with happiness. More than any chocolate will ever achieve.

And with that said, I can tell you that I have been thinking about Karen Swan´s book The Christmas Party for days now. Every time I saw the flowers at the supermarket, this cover came to my mind. 

It isn´t what I call a classical romance novel but contains so much love, passion, and heart in it, that it is my choice for the perfect Valentine´s (booklover) gift.

Happy reading


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