With the Weekly Book Wrap-Up, I give you a bit of an insight into all the new books that have arrived at my place. No matter if I won a giveaway, got approved for a reviewer´s copy, an ARC, or just bought one myself. Everything that I add to my shelves, in what way ever and read during the past week or am still reading, I will write about it. And maybe I tell you a bit about the upcoming things on Inkvotary, that is if I don´t forget it and have something to share with you *smile*

I am linking up with Caffeinated Reviewer and Reading Reality and hope you´ll have fun reading it and maybe get the one or the other book inspiration.

Stacking The Shelves #205

I had a new release in the mail. Thank you Fischer Krüger for the new book.

Review Copy

Sunday Post #162

The past seven days have been a constant up and down. Emotionally, mentally, and in every other meaning of the word. During the first half of the week, I switched between reading, writing new blog content, and watering the garden. And discovered my passion for pancakes again.

On Tuesday I did some garden work. I continued cleaning a new flower bed. It is already half prepared for new plants but so broad, that I must go bit by bit. It is exhausting to rip out all the moss, grass, and ivy. And to be honest, I want this work to be done. Later, I took care of some data I had to extend on amazon before I went to bed very early and got a good night of sleep.

Wednesday, I enjoyed a very relaxed morning. With the bright sunshine and warm temperatures, it felt more like summer than spring. And the garden work is more fun. But still, I am glad when the big bed in the middle of the garden is finally done. In the late evening, I applied for a new reading round called "Somerset" by Emma Hunter, a German author.

The next day, Thursday, I went to the library to pick up the book I had pre-ordered. For the first time in over two years, I could go in without having to show my vaccination code or being asked to wear a mask. What a relief. Good, I still wear a mask because I feel better with it but other than that? Seems we´re back to normal again. I went back home with quite a few books in my bag. Later, I managed to do some blogging stuff.

On Friday, I woke up at 8 am. Hello?! Good Friday is a holiday, and I am up that early? I read almost all day, and in the afternoon, I went for a walk. Later I watered the flower beds and got the good news that I won a book. YAY!

Saturday was a busy day. I got up early and went to the supermarket for fresh veggies, fruits, and other things. I got almost everything I´ve had on my list. Okay, a few products weren´t in stock, but nothing life-threatening *smile* so what the heck. After a quick lunch, I went again into the garden to get the big bed done and to plant some into the other bed. During the late afternoon, I enjoyed a cup of Espresso with my usual cacao and cinnamon treat in it. Shouldn´t have done that. Drinking the Espresso that late, I mean. The caffeine kept me awake until late in the evening. I also enjoyed on TV the recording of the André Rieu concert in Maastricht, the Netherlands in 2018. Believe it or not but listening to the music, hearing him speaking Dutch (and understanding it), and watching the show here and there, cheered me up.

The pictures above were taken by me on April 5th. I forgot to put them online. It was fun to see them when I stepped outside the supermarket. They are always fun to watch.

Today, Sunday, I was awake early. It starts to annoy me that I can´t sleep longer on a holiday. It is bright sunshine but very chilly outside. I started reading a new book and finished this post.

How was your week? Stay safe and healthy.

Happy reading



  1. You had to show your vaccination code at the library? The one I volunteer at we only had to wear a mask.

  2. It sounds like you had a good week. Yay for winning a book. Ivy is a gardener's nightmare. It is so invasive.

    1. It is invasive. The entire garden was covered with it and some parts still are.

  3. I'm getting lots of flowers now but have to water because we aren't getting enough rain. I hope you finish your work on your big garden bed and can enjoy it. I did most of my work over the last 3 years so now it is just minor weeding and planting the vegetables. Sadly I never go to the library and just use the online books and audiobooks. But I am busy with those accounts almost daily.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    1. The library is about a ten minutes walk away from my place. It is easier to get physical books from there than using the online books our library is offering too. If the garden would belong to me, I would do things very differently. Well...

  4. Happy Easter! And pancakes. :) Those sound good now. Sorry it was a rough week though. I hope this one is better.

    I didn't get to sleep in for the holiday either. Boo! :) Yay for new books though. And love the pics!

    1. Sometimes I love baking pancakes and eating them *smile* Curious when I will be able to get new flour...


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