I love the way how Diana Gabaldon describes things. How she makes the reader feel while reading her novels. Her opulent style, her choice of words, how she shows emotions. But most of all, I love to read about how Claire and Jamie fight for what they believe in and to see their love grow and develop. Just wonderful. So, yes, I am a HUGE fan of this series.

Drums Of Autumn
by Diana Gabaldon
Outlander Series #4
Publisher Delacorte Press on August 7, 2001
Genre Historical Fantasy
Pages 896
Format Paperback
Source Purchased

After a long, adventurous journey, Claire Randall and James Fraser end up in the American colonies of the eighteenth century. But the breath of the past stretches far. Because her daughter Brianna also followed the call of the drum - not only in search of the past and for the father she never saw, but also out of fear of a future that only she knows...
The course of history has driven Claire and Jamie to the new colonies. It's June 1767 in Charleston and the two are more or less involuntary bystanders as the executioner lays his hand on Garvin Hayes. Claire remembers her daughter Brianna, who stayed in Scotland in 1969, with pride and nostalgia. But what Claire doesn't know is that Brianna has found disturbing records and has gone through the stones and time to warn her mother. Finally, on River Run, the family home of Jamie's aunt Jocasta, the situation still seems to be stable, but it doesn't take long before history catches up with her again and it's inevitable that Claire will use her knowledge of history again to protect herself and her family.

Happiness and sorrow are close together in the fourth part of the Highland saga and Brianna as well as Claire get to know their "homeland USA" from a side that was previously only known to them as printed words in the history books. The author describes the wilderness of the American colonies, the comfort of a somewhat chaotic Scottish vicarage, or the ardent passion between two lovers with great splendor. Diana Gabaldon's writing style is characterized by a hint of humor and a touch of irony that flashes through here and there, which gives the whole story a great style and makes the plot a real experience for the reader. Through the author's fantastic descriptions, the reader can literally smell the exciting mixture of turpentine, rum, and brandy at River Run's dock.

Diana Gabaldon's characters are characterized by a passion and depth that is very moving and exciting for the reader at the same time. Brianna is in conflict with herself as she has her life in Boston and longs for her mother and would like to be in Scotland to be with Roger. Her battle of emotions is so impressive that you feel like you can feel it in yourself while reading. The character of Jocasta also shows sides that you would not necessarily expect from this figure. Behind the noble, almost aristocratic shell hides an angry, almost vengeful woman who wants to protect at all costs and does so with appropriate means. A proud and admirable character, who also has an incredibly soft heart when it comes to her great-niece Brianna.

The fourth volume of the Highland saga also inspires with brilliance, colorful splendor, romance, and impressively portrayed current events, and takes the reader on a fascinating historical journey through time. If you haven't already been addicted to the first three novels, you will be by now.

Happy reading

Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon ©Christine Strub

Diana Gabaldon was an honorary professor of deep-sea biology and zoology at the University of Arizona before devoting her full-time to writing. Already her first novel Outlander was a huge international success and led to millions of readers becoming enthusiastic fans of her novels. She is the mother of three grown children and lives with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.


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