A novel and series that knows how to entertain me and which reached again, a five-star level. History and the authors' fantastic fantasy are again brought in a great way on paper. If you are not familiar with the Outlander series yet, and I am not talking about the TV series here, start reading the books. They are not only worth your time but also show you details you won´t find in the TV adaption.

The Fiery Cross
by Diana Gabaldon
Outlander Series #5
Publisher Dell on August 30, 2005
Genre Historical Fantasy
Pages 1443
Format Paperback
Source Purchased

North Carolina in 1770. On a bright autumn day in October, the Scottish settlers hold their annual clan reunion at Mount Helicon. Many of them, along with Claire and Jamie, settled in the fertile land of Fraser's Ridge. And this year they want to celebrate a big party: Brianna, Claire's daughter, will finally be Roger's wife; their little son Jemmy is to be baptized, and Jamie's widowed Aunt Jocasta plans to tie the knot again. But the idyll of this cheerful October day is deceptive. Things are seething in the colonies of the New World. Claire, a twentieth-century woman who already knows the future, once again uses her knowledge of history as a torch that will guide her great love, Jamie, and her family through the impending darkness. Because she knows for sure that the bitter war for independence is coming - with bloodshed that will put her and Jamie's love to the hardest test of their lives...
North Carolina, late October 1770. In the middle of the clan meeting of the Scottish settlers, the governor's proclamation bursts, who is tracking down the rebels and demands that Jamie be ready for action against the "insurgents". He does so reluctantly, as he has identified Stephen Bonnet among the insurgents, his nemesis and at the same time Brianna's rapist and perhaps also his grandson's father. While the impending War of Independence is looming in the colonies and the governor is enlisting everyone who can handle a weapon to join the army, everything on River Run is trying to live as unmolested and peacefully as possible. Jamie's aunt Jocasta wants to remarry, and Brianna and Roger long to do the same. But things take a turn for the worse, and Jamie and Roger are forced to go into battle and leave their loved ones on River Run. Hoping this time Roger can use his history knowledge to help Jamie in the future, while Claire and Brianna use their own history knowledge on River Run to get them safely through the dark times there.

Diana Gabaldon wrote this novel in the first-person perspective of her protagonist, Claire Randall. Her language is humorous as usual, rich in wonderful descriptions, colorful, and has a touch of irony, if necessary, also sarcasm, and yet surprises again and again. The writing style is sensitive yet refreshingly open and direct and allows the reader to participate in the lives of the characters in an impressive and intense way.

Jamie Fraser's inner struggle is felt more strongly in this volume than ever before. With gripping but very emotional words, Diana Gabaldon has captured his inner conflict regarding Stephen Bonnet as well as the fact that he is not on the side of the English Crown and his reluctance to serve the governor. This dilemma is grueling for him and is cleverly packaged by the author in a captivating plot and solved wonderfully at the end. The character of Aunt Jocasta on River Run also has many a surprise in store for the reader. Until then, she had attracted attention primarily because of her almost aristocratic and very energetic manner, as a woman who protected herself and her loved ones at all costs. Her anger and her feelings of revenge are unbelievable and her inner hardness towards everything and everyone who harms the hair of her loved ones or even does wrong is merciless. An absolutely exciting character, and once again the saying that appearances can often be deceptive is true.

A book that is addicting. Diana Gabaldon takes her readers on a delightfully engaging journey through lustful, lush, and bold history, masterfully combining historical facts with intoxicating imagination. Enjoyable and fantastic reading hours are inevitable.

Happy reading

Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon ©Christine Strub

Diana Gabaldon was an honorary professor of deep-sea biology and zoology at the University of Arizona before devoting her full-time to writing. Already her first novel Outlander was a huge international success and led to millions of readers becoming enthusiastic fans of her novels. She is the mother of three grown children and lives with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.



  1. I've been saying for years that I need to read The Fiery Cross. I've only read the first four books so far.

    1. I read almost the entire series except for the newest one. That´s still on my list...


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