With the Weekly Book Wrap-Up, I give you a bit of an insight into all the new books that have arrived at my place. No matter if I won a giveaway, got approved for a reviewer´s copy, an ARC, or just bought one myself. Everything that I add to my shelves, in what way ever and read during the past week or am still reading, I will write about it. And maybe I tell you a bit about the upcoming things on Inkvotary, that is if I don´t forget it and have something to share with you *smile*

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Stacking The Shelves #208

A new book has arrived.

Review Copy

The Secret Path

Sunday Post #165

May started with a weather mix of cloudy skies and sun. It is incredibly warm and working in the garden has become like a trip to the sauna. On Monday I paid some bills and changed after a quick look at my bank account my waste plans for May. Food prices have gone up again and you never know how much you will have to pay for a piece of butter the next day. I have started sowing seeds. White Alyssum in some places that (hopefully) keep the weeds a bit under control.

Tuesday, I extended my library book online and went into town to bring some letters to the post office. Later another trip to the supermarket was on the schedule to get some food. For the rest of the day, I read, wrote some comments, and created new blog content.

I went for a walk on Wednesday, checked our bio bin because some stupid person puts repeatedly plastic in it, and downloaded some covers and other pictures for the blog.

The next day, Thursday, I had a kind of relaxed day. After lunchtime I went into the garden, to prepare the next spot for new planting and seeding and ripped out some weeds. I had to secure the lilac with a wood fence (which looks ridiculous) to keep one of my neighbors from mowing down everything that grows underneath that bush. Where does all the wild grass come from all of a sudden?

After an almost sleepless night Thursday into Friday, I slept long, went for a walk, and watered the fresh sowing in the late afternoon. And discovered that the rose is partly covered with green aphids. Ugh. And I apologize for not answering all your comments now. Somehow, after clicking “reply” it looks strange and I need to check first if that’s just google screwing again with its users or if my template designer changed something.

Saturday was another day with bright sunshine. I prepared the liquid to start the fight against the green aphids and changed into my garden clothes. I've sown more seeds, this time a few lupins (picture above), and I'm curious to see what color they will be. I am early with the seeding; I know but I thought I just give it a try. I also planted some withered white primrose. My peony has grown into a huge “bush” with so many flower buds.

Today, Sunday, we celebrate Mother´s Day & my blog turns seven. The sun is shining, and it feels surreal wishing all the mothers out there a happy Mother´s Day with all that´s going on at the moment. Nonetheless, stay strong & keep fighting.

How was your week? Stay safe and healthy.

Happy reading



  1. I love white alyssum. Will have to go find it.

  2. Happy blogiversary! Your garden looks great. The plants here are just starting to grow. Most of them are still dead and brown.

  3. Happy blog anniversary! And love the pics. I wish I could get a garden growing. It's been cool here but we finally warmed up yesterdays...

  4. Oooh! Your flowers are looking really good!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  5. Happy blogoversary Vi 🎈
    Food prices are skyrocketing here too, you might be better off planting vegetables rather than flowers!

    Wishing you a great reading week

    1. You are so right with the vegetables. For some veggies it is too late, but others might grow...


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