Yes, I admit it. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Not from the first hour, but I remember the day I bought my first Harry Potter volume - HP and the Philosopher's Stone - like it was yesterday. It was winter and must have been just before Christmas. My quarterly purchase for the Club Bertelsmann was due (doesn´t exist anymore), so I drove to the nearest branch and got the first volume.

German edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone

Back home I read it within no time, and soon it became crystal clear to me, that I had to have the other available books as soon as possible. Another drive to the club was in order and I remember that I canceled some appointments I had so that I was able to read the story about this young boy that had caught me from the first word.

“A boy survives. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley at Number 4 Privet Drive were proud to be utterly normal, very proud indeed.”

It was not only this first chapter heading, that had caught my eye, it was also the fact, that for the first time the “Mr. & Mrs.” wasn´t translated into German. It stood there the way the author had written it in the English edition. And with that, I was like glued to the story.

Today, Sunday, June 26, 2022, the world celebrats the 25th birthday of Harry Potter, whose first edition had only 500 copies and went on sale on June 26, 1997.

And it was also crystal clear to me that I wanted to see the movies, a few years later, when they started shooting them with the complete UK cast in the UK. All the information they published while shooting to make the future audience even more curious, the fact that the director only had to ask J.K. Rowling if she had material for this or that and of course, she had – it was simply fascinating and kind of magical.

Even as a grown-up, I fell for this young orphan boy. For the fantasy behind it all and even today, I love reading this series. But if you are wondering why I only have reviewed one book here at the blog, the answer is simple. I read and reviewed the books over ten years ago for another place on the world wide web. And haven´t had the time yet to edit those reviews again and publish them here. But I will. Because 25 years is a milestone. And Harry Potter is still rocking the world. Kids, grandkids, and adults as well.

Happy reading


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