The audiobook challenge is hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer and That´s What I Am Talking About. Not long ago, in April 2022 I signed in for this challenge and decided to aim for the Newbie with 1-5 audiobooks on the list. I already have listened to one great audiobook and am currently listening to my second one.

And with six months left in 2022, and my pile of unheard audiobooks still here, I hope that I will achieve my goal of five before the end of the year has arrived.

Audiobooks I have listened to and reviewed so far:

Click here and you can read my review.

I am currently listening to:

Achievement Levels

-Newbie (I’ll give it a try) 1-5 – my goal!
-Weekend Warrior (I’m getting the hang of this) 5-10
-Stenographer (can listen while multitasking) 10-15
-Socially Awkward (Don’t talk to me) 15-20
-Binge Listener (Why read when someone can do it for you) 20-30
-My Precious (I had my earbuds surgically implanted) 30+
-Marathoner (Look Ma No Hands) 50+
-Over-Achiever (Power Listener) 75+
-The 100 Club (Audiobook Addict) 100+

Happy listening



  1. It was odd first getting into audiobooks, but now I love listening to books instead of reading! If the narrator is good it totally enhances the story. Hope you enjoy the ones you've picked and that you make your goal! Good luck!

    1. I love audiobooks. My problem is, I can´t focus on the narrator while working in the garden or cleaning my bath tube. My mind just drifts away... And it is annoying to find the spot again where my mind just stopped listening. So the only time I can focus on the audio for about an hour or so is before I go to bed *sigh*


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