This year I am presenting my list of the top ten books with the new year only a few hours away. My list shows books that have touched me in one way or the other. And even when I wrote some critical points in my reviews about one or the other best book of 2022, they fascinated me in some way. I didn´t read as many five-star books as I did in previous years but nonetheless, I had fun reading novels, thrillers, or romances in print as well as listening to an audiobook in 2022. My list shows books that were either new releases on the German book market or the English market or both.

I show them in random order because each of them is unique and entertains its readers, or me in that case, way beyond anything a book is usually capable of doing so.

Best Books Of 2022

Of all the books I read in 2022, I particularly enjoyed the above. In some of my reviews, I placed some criticism although I rated them as reading pleasure or made it a five-star book.

Happy reading


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