The final volume was a bit better than expected. The cover is in the style of part one. But this novel didn't really blow me away either. I'm torn, to say it frankly. But one thing is certain. I was happy about the happy ending. Despite all the suffering, the many deaths, and the pathological hunger for more, this brought light to the story.

Gameshow-Das Versprechen Von Glück*
by Franzi Kopka
Gameshow #2
Publisher Fischer Sauerländer on October 11, 2023
Genre Fantasy
Pages 428
Format Hardcover
Source Fischer Sauerländer

Nobody can win this game.
Cass learned the truth about the game show and decides to fight on the side of the Resistance. But the plan to overthrow the perfidious system of game masters is more than risky. In addition to the constant danger of being discovered, Cass realizes that fatal games are also being played outside the arenas. And soon she has to ask herself whether she trusts the right people. (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Cass is horrified. At the end of the big party, the winners face not freedom, but death. Nothing is as it seems and yet she has to believe in the good. That the White Zone exists. And that Jax and the others will make it.

The story goes through the story at a quick reading pace. The author describes her scenes in a clear, simple way and the dialogue is quick-witted. The plot is sometimes really brutal. And since Cass is now officially dead, she mostly stays with Flannery in the bunker. The author shows her everyday life there in a lively and varied way. And the end, when the plan is put into action, was quite interesting.

Everyone's fight against the Gamemasters is in full swing and the author shows how Cass, Jax, and Val, and their friends fight back against the most powerful of them all. Long-held secrets are revealed, and Cass wonders once again why Flannery keeps asking about her health. For a long time, it was not clear to her that she played a central role in his plan and that he had to protect a dangerous past.

Much more gripping and varied than the first part. Anyone who likes the novels by Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth or Kendare Blake will also find themselves well entertained here. With her final tape of the Gameshow, Franzi Kopka delivered a fantastic conclusion with a happy ending factor. Wonderful head cinema included.

Happy reading

*Fischer Sauerländer kindly provided me this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Deutsche Rezension

Im zügigen Lesetempo geht es durch die Handlung. Die Autorin beschreibt auf klare, einfache Weise ihre Szenen und die Dialoge sind schlagfertig. Der Plot ist teilweise richtig brutal. Und da Cass nun offiziell als tot gilt, hält sie sich hauptsächlich bei Flannery im Bunker auf. Die Autorin zeigt ihren Alltag dort auf lebendige und abwechslungsreiche Weise. Und das Ende, als der Plan in die Tat umgesetzt wird, war schon interessant.

Der Kampf aller gegen die Gamemaster ist in vollem Gange und die Autorin zeigt, wie Cass, Jax und Val mit ihren Freunden gegen den mächtigsten von allen zur Wehr setzen. Dabei werden lange gewahrte Geheimnisse aufgedeckt und Cass fragt sich einmal mehr, warum Flannery sich ständig nach ihrem Befinden erkundigt. Dass sie eine zentrale Rolle in seinem Plan spielt und er eine gefährliche Vergangenheit schützen muss, ist ihr lange Zeit nicht klar.

Viel packender und abwechslungsreicher als der erste Teil. Wer die Romane von Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth oder Kendare Blake mag, der wird sich hier ebenfalls gut unterhalten fühlen. Franzi Kopka hat mit ihrem finalen Band der Gameshow einen grandiosen Abschluss mit Happy End Faktor geliefert. Herrliches Kopfkino inklusive.

Franzi Kopka
Franzi Kopka ©Michelle Maessen

Franzi Kopka was born in 1990 as the daughter of a bookseller. Thanks to the numerous novels in the house, she grew up wondering »what if« and started making up stories for her three younger siblings at an early age. She finds most of her inspiration when she travels, especially in London, which is her true love, and which is the setting of her debut »Gameshow – The Price of Greed«.


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