is a Friday meme hosted by Sonia at A Bookshelf Full Of Sunshine and for me a premier. Every week Sonia asks a question (or two) that you can answer. Everyone who would like to participate can do so if he/she has told her so by Thursday 3 pm European time the same week in a comment on her blog. The rules you can find here.

This week she asks to say something about the most beautiful cover I have in my TBR. The moment I read that question I knew immediately which cover I wanted to present. The Angels´ Share. It´s not only a new book by J. R. Ward but also from her new series The Bourbon Kings.

A cover that looks classy, elegant, and modern at the same time. Different shades of blue, a fresh green, black, and rich gold with a hint of copper. Was the first cover of this series all warm tones and showing a figure, is this quite the opposite but still fantastic. Though it uses cold colors and a motive that might show the Easterly estate it got its magic and the moment I saw it revealed, I knew that I had to have it. Not only because I want to know how the story about the Bradford family will keep going on, but also of this beautiful cover. Yes, I admit it: I am a cover girl *smile*

Happy reading



  1. Hi Vi

    nice to read your first FF-article! :o)
    It's a pretty cover you've chosen. And it's much better than the first one in this series.

    This is my cover :o), of a German book of course. ;o)

    Best regards

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by :-) Actually I like both of this series since I am a fan of warm and cold colors ...

  2. Hello,

    my english is not so good but nevertheless I will try to write this comment xD
    I don't know your book but the cover looks interesting. It seems a bit extraordinary. I've never seen a cover like that. I hope you will enjoy reading this book. I'm looking forward your review =)

    Here you get to my blog

    Best greetings

    1. Hi Victoria, glad you like the cover. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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