Thomas Thiemeyer is a German author, who brings with his Hannah Peters series an archaeologist into incredible haunting adventures. Hannah is very passionate about her job, a bit clumsy when it comes to daily life, and sees things others don´t. This is one of the series I started by accident with its fourth part. During the reading, I realized that there had to be others, and so I went to its first book Medusa to see how everything had begun. Well, this thriller is haunting and very entertaining, no doubt about that. But till today the one that fascinated me the most of this series is still Valhalla.

by Thomas Thiemeyer
Hannah Peters #1
Publisher Knaur on November 1, 2005
Genre Thriller
Pages 363
Format Paperback
Source Purchased

A deathly stone sculpture in the middle of the Sahara. A riddle anterior than humankind. A research Unit missing in a cave labyrinth. And a woman as the only one who can interpret the cryptic text … Thomas Thiemeyer takes his readers to one of the most mysterious places on Earth, the Aïr –Mountains of the Niger, were deep in the earth the stony eye of Medusa rests and waiting to be explored.
Hannah makes through a desert acquaintance an incredible discovery and pulls the attention of a TV-team on her. Soon she knows that her finding does not only produce spectacular TV-pictures but also that there is a fascinating riddle for humankind. The more she and Chris come closer to the solution, the more the danger behind it becomes vivid. Greed, corruption, and a merciless hunt for the truth and a treasure worth millions, make the search for the artifact for Hannah and her team not only to a race against time but also to the hiding game against the locals. A relentless pursuit begins, during which many people were killed and Hannah has to fight not only for her own life more than once but for Chris´, too.

Thomas Thiemeyer wrote his thriller Medusa in a bit dull tone. But the mixture of science, history, and those landscape descriptions are just great. Many beautiful scene details and the magic of the desert make here much up. The plot is entertaining, the places where he sends his figures are very special and dangerous at the same time and his characters are intriguing. Yes, the author knows how to entertain his reader, even with technical details, without boring them. The enthusiasm Hannah shows when she does her work, her curiosity for the unknown, and her readiness to assume risk give this thriller the right amount of tension and fascination. The mix of science, drama, action, and tragedy is well balanced and he sends his figures in situations that aren´t only daily routine but also haunting and nerve-wracking.

Told by an invisible narrator, the reader goes on a sensational search for a work of art that will present mankind not only to the test but brings the group around Hannah Peters in danger.
The author writes clear and without frills and is, even with all those science passages, easy to understand. The language is simple, clear and his science information is well placed into the ongoing story. Okay, the first half of this thriller splashes from page to page, but then drive comes in and Medusa starts to become really haunting. The reader gets a clue where the story is about to go and the way how Hannah and Chris discover the real meaning of Medusas Eye is well written. The author gives some spectacular landscape descriptions and takes the reader into the deathly beauty of the endless desert.

The author starts with this thriller the wonderful love story between Hannah and Chris, who later will receive another name (why that is, you have to discover yourself *smile*). They have to face a lot of dangerous situations, to fight for their lives and Hannah´s strength is just amazing. She thinks things through likes to go step by step and has her own charm. Hannah knows to make her way into the reader´s heart.

The author brings a lot of different characters up - each of them one of a kind. There is the famous TV-face that shows its real self when the group gets into huge trouble, the man who likes to be the leader but doesn´t know how to be a real one and behaves instead like a little child that defends his toys. Some figures are pale but become later very dangerous and brutal. But even for the alert reader, it becomes very hard to see the real evil in all those figures and when that figure reveals its real meaning, it is somehow a little surprise. None of them is willing to miss the search for the eye of the Medusa. Bit by bit Thomas Thiemeyer gives a deeper insight into the life of his main figure Hannah. Despite that she stays mystic, shows in a charming way her intelligence, and that she does her job hot only for fame and fortune alone. What she does, she does with passion, but never at any price.

You will get a totally different picture of sand for the rest of your life, that´s for sure. Medusa is a good start to the Hannah Peters series and I am looking forward to reading the next, that´s for sure. For all those, who love scientific facts, old ancient stories and action, this thriller will be the best entertainment. 

Happy reading

*This book was at the time of review only available in the German language.

Thomas Thiemeyer

Thomas Thiemeyer, born 1963, studied geology and geography, before he became self-reliant and turned into a career as author and illustrator. With his science thrillers and young adult cycles, which won many prizes, sold over half a million times and being translated into thirteen languages, he is a well-established magnitude in the German light fiction. The author lives with his family in Stuttgart/Germany.


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