Actually created by NeylaKunta for Nomnivors #Halloween-Wochen, this tag was now handed over to me by Patricia from FiktiveWelten. The questions are all Halloween related and since I have only great memories of my Halloween time in the US – imagine me elbow deep cutting out pumpkins – I am going to do this thing here.

So thank you, my friend, for asking me to do this fun thing.

1. What is your favorite Thriller/crime?
Ad hoc I´d say The Search by Nora Roberts

2. If you´d be part of such a book, which part would you like to be? (Killer, investigator, victim)
Guess, I would like to be the investigator.

3. How far do you think would you come?
I would solve the crime – what else did you expect *laugh*

4. What is your favorite horror movie?
I don´t watch them, so I can´t name one.

5. Did you ever play a horror video game? And if yes, which one?
No. I didn´t and still don´t play such games. Sorry, no answer here.

6. What are you afraid of? And why?
Spiders - I just don´t like them; way too many legs ….

7. If you think about Halloween, what comes first into your mind?

8. Do you like Halloween at all?
Yes. During my time in the US, I got fascinated. All the spooky costumes, some of them were handmade and with a lot of fantasy created, others bought. But the kids loved it. And to hear them call “trick or treat” and see their shiny eyes had something magical.

9. Your best Halloween costume
I went as a magician with a long black wig, a blue coat with golden stars on it and gray silk pants. No one recognized me, not even my mother, so I had one hell of a great time *laugh*

10. Are you frightened easily? Or do you rather frighten others?
Good question. Well, guess I can say if you want to make me scream hold a big fat spider right in front of my face *yikes I am getting goosebumps already even thinking about it. And sometimes I like to frighten others, yes. Revenge is best-served cold *smirk*

11. What is creepier?
a. Werewolves or vampires?
Neither. Actually, I like them both.

b. Ghosts or zombies
Definitely zombies.

c. Dolls or clowns?
Clowns with ugly grimaces.

d. You in the morning, when you slept badly or in the evening after work/school
I am a night owl. But after a sleepless night or bad sleep, I am not creepy but grumpy.

Good, answering part is done.  Now it´s my turn and I am tagging:

Isa from Mikku-chan

But everyone who would also like to answer those questions can do so by leaving a comment here *smile*

Till next time & happy reading



  1. Hi Vi

    haha, I'm getting goose bumps aswell - spiders are fascinating - as long as they stay outside my flat or off my body when I'm on my way. ;o)

    "Too many legs" - I'll remember this arguement. Very good!

    Halloween in the US must be a terrific time.

    XOXO, Patricia

    1. It was. That were some crazy hours filled with fun, laughter and joy. Now that you´re mentioning it, I didn´t think of that HP scene with Ron when I wrote that line "too many legs" *laugh*


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