This novel caught my attention when I was asked some months back if I wanted to read something out of the German publisher´s new program last year. The cover and the summary made me curious and after I had read it, it was clear to me that I wanted more books written by the author. I do have another written by her laying on my TBR, so I am not running out of her beautiful and witty novels. This was the first, I´ve read and I had a great time reading it.

Hissy Fit*
by Mary Kay Andrews
Publisher Harper Collins on July 10, 2012
Genre Novel
Pages 448
Format Paperback
Source Publisher*

Keeley Rae Murdock wants to marry her fiancé tomorrow. But her fiancé is short-sighted the maid of honor during the rehearsal at the Country Club. Keeley loses her poise: she issues the maid of honor a succulent fist blow, throws glasses at the wall, scratched the car of her fiancé and flings the evidence right into the priest´s face – a red thong.  After that nothing is as it was. But Keeley won´t let her get down. She accepts the design order of a young man, who is new in town. For him, she is to transform an old house into a dream villa for two. But what is with her personal dream – her dream of the one true love?
Keeley Rae Murdock is about to marry her fiancé and enjoying the party at the Country Club. But when she finds him and her bridesmaid in action on a table, she freaks out and gives the guests and the entire town the show of a lifetime. After that nothing is as it was before. She has to deal with gossip, her business is about to go down and the new man in town makes her want things she´d never thought could be possible.

Mary Kay Andrews has a wonderfully ironic and sometimes very sarcastic but charming and soft way to describe life in a small town. There is a great sensitivity besides the irony in it, the main figures show some charm, wit, and that not everything has to go as others have it planned. I had my fun reading it and there are some scenes where I was bursting into laughter and had tears running down my cheeks because of the fun in the novel. The story is brought to the reader through the perspective of Keeley and her thoughts and what she says is quite something. And together with the bit of crime, it turns out to be a novel with two storylines in it.

No matter where you look in this book, you´ll find a wide variety of figures that convince you more or less. The rich and spoiled are among as much as the great ones. Some are without a brain, others have no spine and some do exactly the right thing.

Keeley´s aunt is a fantastic woman. She does everything she can to support Keeley but is honest and blunt at the same time. She knows what to say and when to say it and her way of dealing with everything is just great. During the entire novel, I enjoyed Keeley´s way, how she sees everything, how she deals with the new situation very much. What a great character! Not only that she won´t give up or in on what the family of her former fiancé does to her, she follows her instincts even when that means that she has to put herself in an awkward position. That woman got spine!

Hissy Fit is a wonderful read and perfect for some fun and relaxed hours. If you haven´t read anything by the author yet, like me, then this is a great chance to get to know her. 

Happy reading

*The German edition by Fischer TB, on December 8, 2016. 

Mary Kay Andrews
Mary Kay Andrews ©Bill Miles

Mary Kay Andrews grew up in Florida and lives now with her family in Atlanta, Georgia. During the summer you will find her in her holiday residence on Tybee Island, a wonderful island just off the coast of Georgia. She is a former reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and since her bestseller Summer Rental, she is considered a guarantor for the perfect holiday experience.


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