For some reason, this story is not included in the German edition of the first book of this series and as far as I know, the other novellas of this series won´t be either. In my eyes, not a smart choice. This novella is about what happens when a relationship kind of moves on and the two involved parties have to find a way how to live together. Especially when they have their places far away from each other and it becomes clear that one of them will have to move.

To Know Her Is To Love Her*
by Marie Force
Green Mountain Series #1.5
Publisher Fischer digiBook on October 27, 2016
Genre Novel
Pages 54
Format eBook
Source Purchased

Cameron is back in New York – but only to say goodbye. Her dream comes true: She will move to Vermont to move in with Will and become a part of his big, loving and caring Family. But before that happens she wants to show Will the big city and all the places she loves. But most of all she wants Will to meet her father and her friends. Only one question remains: Is Will really coming and can she really move and leave everything behind?
Cameron is back in New York and getting everything ready and tied up for her move to Vermont. She wants to live with Will but before that can happen she feels the need to get him together with her friends and family. Especially with her father, since her relationship with him had never been easy. But life is not always as predicted and for sure not always easy to take. 

This novella is written in the lovely and kind tone Marie Force is using for this series. Some fun scenes bring back the wonderful feeling that was from the beginning between Cameron and Will. There is humor and love to feel and energy, life in New York City has, absolutely beautiful. And the scene where Will meets finally Cameron´s father was really moving.

As always Marie Force lets the action of her figures speak. And for all those who already know Cameron and Will, it is great to see how they manage to get everything moving and how they deal will all the things that come up. The author has warmth not only in her story but also in most of her characters. And the way how she shows that is simply wonderful.

Since I was reading the German edition of the first book I got this one too separately. It was a nice, harmonic read and it was very sweet to see Will and Cameron together again. 

Happy reading

*This short story was also published in the paperback edition of All You Need Is Love by Berkley.

Marie Force
Marie Force ©Pamela Sarinha

Marie Force is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling, award-winning author of contemporary romance. She writes series as well as stand-alone novels. While her husband was in the U.S. Navy, Marie lived in Spain, Maryland, and Florida, and she is now settled in her home state of Rhode Island.  


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