My first book written by the author and it was stunning. The perfect combination of mystery, romance, and traditions in a youth book. And the cover – wow! Guess I will never see butterflies and red poppy the same way. This book was wonderful, magical, and with a beautiful love story. And the end … Oh boy. After reading this novel I had to sit back and take a few moments. The plot here is so mysterious and it took me a while to figure it all out.

Deathline-Ewig Dein*
by Janet Clark
Deathline Series #1
Publisher cbj on March 20, 2017
Genre Children 13+
Pages 393
Format Hardcover
Source Publisher

Josie has always wanted her life to have great feelings, dramatic passions and exciting twists for her. When she falls into the long holidays in the year after her 16th birthday, Josie does not know that that summer in front of her, is that who will determine her destiny. Nobody would eventually suspect that the idyllic horse ranch of her family could become the scene of mysterious events. But Josie has to learn that this illusion is deceptive when she gets to know the fascinating Ray. For her great love carries with her a mystery that could put Josie´s world at great risk. And so, Josie must decide. Even if the price for it is perhaps their love …(personal translation ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Josie still tries to cope with the sudden death of her mother. As well as her brother and father. Every one of them does it in their own possible way. So, for Josie, it means everything that she can train with the wild Mustangs, to tame them and that they bring money to the ranch. Money that is needed. But her father has other plans with his daughter and the fight between him and her brother is another thing that makes it almost impossible for her to stay at the ranch. And when all those mysterious things start to happen in town and on the ranch, Josie is grateful to have her friends. Friends who not only keep her sane but also alive.

It seems as if you are sitting with Josie in a café and she is telling you her story. From time to time she says that if she´d known what would come, she might have acted differently. So, the tension rises and the reader starts to feel for her and to think about what will happen next. Janet Clark writes simple but effective. She uses a tradition, not unlike the Indians, in which the life after death plays a big role. Being in unison with nature, to respect anything that earth provides, and to be grateful for what every nature is willing to give humans – that is the consent I got from this novel. Horses, great characters, a small town, and the daily life a ranch has. A good combination and well played by the author. And in some ways, it reminded me a bit of a famous TV series, I love to watch *smile*

Janet Clark lets her figures suffer quite a lot. The sudden death of a beloved person, a father who drains his pain in alcohol, and a brother who has to face all of the sudden a huge responsibility to keep the ranch running and his left family well.

Josie is a strong young woman, who knows what she can, and whatnot. She is very successful in training the Mustangs but has still to deal with the fact that her father wants to wrap her up in cotton just to prevent her from any harm. But life isn´t working that way. And her fight to keep her little space of freedom and her growing love for Ray isn´t always fun. But being a strong-willed person, she knows how to handle her father and the fact that she shows emotions from time to time is something that gives her character even more profile.

What a beautiful novel! I enjoyed every minute of it and hope that there will be a worthy second book. I like to know how the story between Josie and Ray continues. 

Happy reading

*This book was at the time this review was written and published only available in the German language. 

Janet Clark
Janet Clark ©Astrid Purkert

Janet Clark, born in Munich, Germany, didn´t know for a long time what she wanted to be. After a twelve-year-long journey through France, Belgium and later England, she finally went back to Bavaria, where she lives with her husband and her three kids.


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