OMG – the cover is a real beauty! I can´t stop looking at it *swoon*. This book got me from the first moment I saw it. It´s so GORGEOUS. And after I had read the novella to this new series by the author, I was literally hooked. In English, you could call it Forever Yours ... And this novel continued to keep me hooked. The story is diversified, entertaining, fun to read and with characters, you can nothing but like. Even the ugly ones.

Auf Ewig Dein*
by Eva Völler
Time School Trilogy #1
Publisher One on July 21, 2017
Genre Fantasy
Pages 376
Format Hardcover
Source Publisher

Time travel can be quite dangerous. Anna knows this only too closely because since she lost her heart to the good-looking Venetian Sebastiano on her first time-travel, she had to cope with many a difficult situation. She had actually promised herself a somewhat quieter life by starting her own watchman's school. But her newly recruited pupils are quite self-centered, and even at the first major assignment at the court of Henry the Eighth, everything goes wrong. And then a sudden unexpected visit from Anna´s future appears, who turns her entire life upside down ... (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Anna is deeply in love with Sebastiano. Though her wedding plans are, for the moment, on ice, she knows that one day they will be tying the knot. But then, one night, a familiar-looking stranger appears at her home in Venice, and everything changes. All of a sudden her future with Sebastiano is on the line and their enemies stop at nothing to get what they want. The key that only Anna can find.

This novel is full of action, history, and great dialogues and scenes. The scenes where Fatima and Ole verbally cross the weapons – hilarious. I couldn´t help myself but read them with a broad grin all over my face. The born-and-bred Viking and the young oriental lady. Well, Lady might be the wrong word for her. But more to that later. Eva Völler has a soft, but wonderful to read writing style. She combines history with fantasy and shows in a very entertaining way of how life was back in the days of Henry the Eight. Good, some things and explanations she repeats a bit often during the ongoing story, which was, in my eyes, not necessary – I got it the first time. But they were verbalized in other words so that´s something I can easily ignore. Except for that, the style was fascinating and thrilling.

I mentioned earlier the hilarious scenes with Fatima and Ole. Well, Fatima isn´t really a lady. At least I wouldn´t call her that. She is more of a breathtaking beauty who knows exactly what to do and how to look to seduce every man that comes across her. And she uses it to get the information she wants and to sabotage the plans of others. But the moment she opens her mouth – oh boy. She can be quite charming with her words if the situation requires it, but while living and training in the twenty-first century she is talking as she pleases. And God is that woman curious! No journal is safe – not even the locked ones.

Anna is, for my taste, a bit too anxious. No matter where she is if in the past or in the present, she always sees worst-case scenarios when it comes to Sebastiano and her. Okay, they do a job that is dangerous, and the centuries they are visiting to take care of the timeline aren´t what I would call safe. But is that really a reason to kind of freak out inside every time she can´t make eye contact with her beloved one? Despite that, she is a wonderful character. I liked watching her and reading her thoughts and fears and see how she was coping with the weird situation.

This book was really a great read. The mix of history, old things, and modern things and the soft writing-style the author has, were in my eyes perfect for this novel. Can´t wait to read the next book and for sure I need to read the books of her other trilogy where Anna and Sebastiano are also in.

Happy reading

*Thank you to One, who kindly provided this book to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Eva Völler
Eva Völler ©Olivier Favre

As a child, Eva Völler liked to make stories. Nevertheless, she earned her buns first as a judge and attorney before she finally put the jurisprudence to the nail. "You can simply get a better mood from writing books than from legal disputes. And you can always decide for yourself how it ends in the end." The author lives with her children on the edge of the Rhön in Hessen.



  1. That cover is beautiful and in general this book sounds magical, how have I not heard of it before?!

    Thanks for sharing,
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Oh yes, the cover is a real beauty and in my hands even prettier :-)


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