This was the very first book by the author, I´ve ever read. Ulrike Schweikert is famous for her historical novels and her profound language. At least here in Germany. So, with the third book of this trilogy now in my hands, I guess it is time to start publishing how I thought about this first one. The cover got me first. The colors, the dress, the silver letters of the book title, and the way how it was designed in general. But never judge a book by its cover. 

Nachtmahr-Das Erwachen Der Königin*
by Ulrike Schweikert
Nachtmahr Trilogy #1
Publisher Penhaligon on January 13, 2014
Genre Fantasy
Pages 415
Format Softcover
Source Publisher

During the day, Lorena is an inconspicuous young woman – but every night she turns into a beautiful being: she is a Nachtmahr. No man can resist her, and whoever once succumbed to her charms will forfeit her forever. But then Lorena meets Jason, her great love. For her sake, she desperately tries to curb the destructive Nachtmahr. Lorena, however, does not know that she can not deny her true nature. For she is the chosen one who will decide the destiny of the Nachtmahre. (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Lorena lives a very controlled and withdrawn life. During the day, she works in a bank, at night she kind of locks herself and her cat in her apartment. Friends – negative. Men – none. But then she meets her childhood sweetheart Jason and her life turns upside down. Because how will she ever explain to him, that her dark side means danger to him that she doesn´t want to harm him?

A fantasy novel that is written in a bit melancholic way. The plot is wonderful and well-thought-out. The story contains a heroine who has a dark secret and can, if she lets her dark side out, fascinate men no matter what size, color, or language. But for Lorena, her dark side means also a danger. So, many good things for a great novel, you could say. There are parts where the author shows a virtuosic writing-style, displays a brilliant way when it comes to scenes and dialogues, and in which she creates pictures in your mind that stun you. And then there are pages where the story bobs up and down like a small river. Sad, since the author is well known for her great writing-style and famous for the way how she uses a language.

The author plays virtuously with different character traits. There is the one, that lives only by her own rules, takes what she desires, and doesn´t give a damn about others. And there is Lorena, the main figure, who is the total opposite. Her dark side means the absolute horror to her. Once a fun girl who enjoyed life to the fullest, she now turned into a quiet and very introverted young woman. No matter how you see it, one thing is for sure. Ulrike Schweikert knows how to create figures. Lorena stands with both legs in life and knows that not everything is all flowers and sunshine. 

I am completely split after I´ve read this book. On one hand, I like the plot that is visible, though I am sad that the story couldn´t really haunt me. On the other hand, I think that this trilogy deserves a second chance and hope that the next book will be better. So, only average for me – this time. For everyone who isn´t familiar with the word Nachtmahr. This word has the same meaning as the word nightmare, except that it is an old German word. I decided to stick with it in my review since I couldn´t find another synonym that would fit my expectation besides the word nightmare. 

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Ulrike Schweikert
Ulrike Schweikert ©Isabell Grubert/ Randomhouse

Ulrike Schweikert studied geology and journalism. She has been one of the most successful German authors of historical novels since her fulminant romance book Die Tochter des Salzsieders. Her trademark: fascinating, close-to-life heroines. The author lives and works in Baden Württemberg, Germany.



  1. It is a lovely cover. I don't think I've ever seen her books. It sounds interesting but too bad it was only average.

    1. Hi Anna,
      the author is from Germany and writes in German. Maybe that´s the reason why you haven´t seen her books yet. Yes, sad, I would have loved to give it a better rating ... Thanks for stopping by.


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