A wonderful book for children age 9 and up. A few years ago, I stumbled across this beautiful series, with magically created covers at my library. There are silver stars sparkling all over the cover motive and the painting is so sweet and adorable *sigh* If you are looking for a series where love, loyalty and the values of a caring family are held high, then this series is what you are looking for. This series contains adventure, intrigues, passion told in an adorable and soft way, that you feel like home while reading.

Vier Zauberhafte Schwestern Und Die Unsichtbare Gefahr*
by Sheridan Winn
The Sprite Sisters Series #10
Translation Katrin Weingran
Original Title The Sprite Sisters The Power Of Four
Illustration Franziska Harvey
Publisher Fischer KJB on November 23, 2017
Genre Children 9+
Pages 333
Format Hardcover
Source Publisher
It is spring, and the four sisters Flame, Marina, Flora, and Sky should prepare for their exams. But in Cantrip Towers, weird things happen: An invisible intruder sneaks through the corridors trying to steal the magical powers of the family. How should the sisters fight an enemy they do not see? They make a risky plan and go into great danger. Only with combined magic powers can they survive this adventure. (personal translation ©Vi at Inkvotary).

Flame has lost her magical power. There is no tingling in her fingertips anymore and she is kind of desperate. After all those years where she had learned to control her power and sometimes had wished she´d never had gotten it, one moment of fury and everything seems lost. The timing couldn´t be worse. An invisible power seems to reach out to get Cantrip Towers into his hands and with that great danger overshadows the family life of the Cantrips.

I love the soft and melodious tone and writing style the author uses, to tell her story about the Cantrip sisters. Even in the darkest scenes and moments, there is always some hope and warmth to feel. 

Sheridan Winn´s style is easy to read, and yet with some power. And the message is clear: Never lose hope, no matter what happens.
I absolutely love Sheridan Winn´s writing style. How she uses a soft voice to show hate, revenge and all the other dark sides, a human being can have. As a reader, you always know that there will be some sort of happy end. And for children of all ages, this series is simply a great read.

Nobody is allowed to know about the four sisters´ magical powers. In this book, their parents are getting involved and Ottalie, their mother, must learn a bitter lesson. Her ignorance and disbelieve throw her daughters in a very dangerous position. And there is nothing she can do, to help them. The love of a caring mother is everything. Here that love is on the test bench. The author shows with great sensitivity the conflict Ottalie is in and how she finds a way out. 

Flame is desperate. She doesn´t know if her fury outburst has cost the life of a human. And she doesn´t know if and how she will gain her magic back. Because she and her sisters were never meant to use their magic in fury against others. But that is exactly what Flame has done.

A beautiful, haunting and very thrilling new story about the four Cantrip sisters. Every page shows how it is when a family stands together and does everything to keep each other safe and sound. I absolutely enjoyed this book. 

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Fischer KJB in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review. At the time this review was published, the book was only available in the German language. So far, there is no publication date known for an English edition that I could provide you.

Sheridan Winn
Sheridan Winn ©Martin Figura

Sheridan Winn lives in Norwich, England. She is a freelance journalist and divides her time between freelance work and book writing. When she was six years old, her family moved to a big, rambling house in the country. Littlewood House became the inspiration for Sprite Towers. She worked for The Times, The Guardian and became 2012 a self-publisher when she bought back the rights for her series The Sprite Sisters. The author has two grown-up children and a grand-daughter. She has a keen interest in the Arts, film and finds walking in the countryside a good way to think up ideas.


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