The Take Control of Your TBR challenge is a monthlong challenge, hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer. The goal was to read as many books from our TBR pile as possible. No matter if we read eBooks, physical books or audiobooks. Every book counts that was published before March 1st, 2018.

With April arriving at our doorsteps, the challenge has ended, and I am presenting my achievements for that challenge – and am not happy about that.

I wanted to read at least four books and write a review about them. But ended up with only one done. Somehow, I underestimated life and all the things that came up during March completely.

Additional to that I had some new releases coming in that came with a deadline, and when a publisher sends you a free book to read and review, you don´t wait long to read and publish your review. Which reminds me, that I definitely need to change that old habit a bit. But after obeying the three weeks rule for almost ten years, it is kind of hard to break free from it.

Another thing I didn´t consider but should have was, that obviously my reading pace has changed too. Since a few weeks, I notice, that I am not the fast reader anymore I used to be. So, instead of reading a book within two or three days, I almost need a week or longer, to get them finished. That sucks, for my taste.

Anyway, I don´t want to bring lame excuses up or find one for my failure in this challenge. Because on the other hand, I tell myself: Hey, you at least got that pile ONE book down. Better than nothing!

With that positive thought, I can say that I will be participating in 2019 in that challenge again and try again to only focus on reading TBR books. Because hope is the last thing that dies *smile*

My achievement for this challenge (click the cover to get to my review):

Happy reading & until next time



  1. One is better than none!! Don't feel bad. I only read 3 books when I wanted to read 10. I just didn't feel like reading a bunch of the books I picked out. But 2 of the 3 I did read were sitting on my TBR since like 2012/2013. So I got some read that had been sitting on my shelves for 5-6 years unread. So that's not bad right??

    1. You are SO RIGHT! We didn´t do bad in this challenge. And there is a next time, so we can try again *smile*. Thanks for stopping by.


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