During 2018 I discovered some new-to-me-authors like Mads Peder Nordbo, Brad Parks or Megan Miranda. I read many more authors but narrowed them down to a list of ten. You might miss the one or the other authors´ names, but I chose them after the books I´ve read and who impressed me the most.

Reading Holly Black´s The Cruel Prince made me become her fan. It wasn´t my first book written by her, but the one, that convinced me to keep reading her books. At least those that are about The Folk of the Air.

I am not always happy with the covers the books have when it comes to the German edition. And I am sure I wouldn´t have read Mads Peder Nordbo´s thriller if I had only looked at the German cover. It is not really my taste, although it is very fitting.

Usually, I don´t like to read books that are in the middle of an insanely huge hype. But for some reason, I just couldn´t resist buying Tomi Adeyemi´s debut novel. The cover alone is great and from my point of view, you either love or don´t love it.

While reading my first, but for sure not my last, Candis Terry novel I was sometimes laughing tears. The story was great, and the many hilarious scenes and dialogues made the novel an absolute worth-your-time book.

And Brad Parks? Holy cow. He knows how to keep you reading while he unfolds right in front of you a story that makes you shake your head as much as he confuses you. Until the very end, you literally asking yourself why and how this cruel thing the main figure has to go through could have happened.

Megan Miranda kind of goes in the same direction with her thrillers. Though she is more working with the deepest psychological twist and turns, you can possibly find in a sick mind.

Guess, I don´t have to write many words about Sandra Brown, Colleen Hoover, Christi Daugherty or Kendare Blake. Each of those authors is outstanding in their own genre and how they write what they write.

Holly Black

Mads Peder Nordbo

Sandra Brown

Christi Daugherty

Colleen Hoover

Candis Terry

Brad Parks

Kendare Blake

Megan Miranda

Tomi Adeyemi

Hopefully, the one or the other will capture your interest and you will have the same great time reading them as I had during the past year.

Happy reading


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