Not sure if I am quite late with my list of the best books I´ve read in 2018 or if I am quite right doing it now. But for some reason, I didn´t see a point in creating my list while we still had December and I was still reading books until New Year´s Eve. You never know if the last book you´ve read during the last days of the year is a candidate for the best-books-list or not.

My Best Books of 2018 contains new releases, older books, some I read in English, some in German.  And since I´ve read so many great books this year, I narrowed them down to ten titles. I show them in random order which I wrote down as they came into my mind.  It has been a really great year in reading books and I am already looking forward to the new books that the one or the other author will have coming out in 2019.

Mads Peder Nordbo was completely new to me. And to be honest, I wouldn´t have chosen the title only because of its cover (talking about the German edition). Although it is a very fitting one. But I asked for it anyway, because it was brought to my attention through a person who works for the German publisher.

Candis Terry writes very hilariously with great dialogues and scenes in her novels. I became aware of her work by another blogger who, like me, actually hates to start a series in the middle. But her thoughts about this novel were so fantastic, that when I had the chance to get the German edition, I asked for it.

Brad Parks was also a new author to me in 2018. If you love thrillers that go deep into the psychological and show some figures that are sick to the bone but don´t show it on the outside, you should try him.

And last but not least Megan Miranda and Tomi Adeyemi. The first new to me like the others above and the last, a debut author who made one of the most spectacular book deals in her genre. Most bloggers I know went crazy after reading her novel months before the book´s actual release day and told everyone that they had to read it. Because it was THAT amazing. Well, it turns out, you´ll either love or don´t love it.

From all the books I´ve read in 2018, those were the ones who stood out and had a deeper impact on me as the others.

Happy reading


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