We don´t need to start a discussion about the look of the German edition. No doubt, the cover of the English edition, is way better. It is its content, that counts. Though this one is a bit shallow despite its often very serious tone and story. Robyn Carr shows the side of life, that isn´t as happy and easy, as one would wish for. And that money isn´t everything though it makes things a lot easier. At least for some of us.

Wenn Das Glück Erwacht*
by Robyn Carr
Translation Gisela Schmitt
Original Title The Life She Wants
Publisher Mira TB on January 4, 2019
Genre Novel
Pages 402
Format Paperback
Source Publisher

Emma´s life is in shards: Before her husband is arrested, he commits suicide. Although Emma has nothing to do with his criminal business, she is shunned by all. She hopes to find a safe haven in her old home. But here too, not only beautiful memories are waiting for her. In particular, before a meeting with her former best friend Riley, she is afraid. All the more surprised is Emma that Riley´s brother Adam receives her with open arms – and is always on hand when she needs a strong shoulder to lean on … (a personal translation of the German edition´s backtext by ©Vi at Inkvotary).
Emma wants to start a new life. After her rich husband committed suicide, all she wants is to get back to normal. Easier said than done. Many people believe that she´s got some money elsewhere and that every word, that´s written in books and magazines about her late husband is true. They aren´t. But tell that someone, who´s lost all his money to her fraudulent husband. So Emma goes back to her hometown, trying to build a new life, and maybe find the love she always was hoping for.

Somehow, I couldn´t get rid of the feeling, that this novel wasn´t new to me. Although it was. But it felt very familiar to me. I couldn´t tell what would happen next in the story and yet it was a bit foreseeable. The writing style is, despite a bit heavy plot, light and easy to read. The main figure is a beauty, who wants more from life. After her father´s early death, she is left with a mean stepmother who is incapable of loving her. And the drama begins. Robyn Carr usually writes with a sensitive touch and gives you a great insight into her figures, the setting, and the story. Not this time. Sure, the figures have all their burden to deal with and for some, control over everything is absolutely important. But there was nothing I would call profound. 

No doubt, Robyn Carr can create wonderful figures. And she, for sure, knows how to bring them together. But I missed some profoundness. The one I expect, when a summary tells me that in the story would be great drama and some tragic moments. 

Emma is strong. And she is smart. She loves Richard and after some time she starts to feel that something is utterly wrong. But she refuses to take a closer look and instead, she does everything to be happy and the woman, Richard wants and needs. So, when tragedy happens and she´s in need of some answers, she does everything to help. Her struggle, to get back on her feet and to show the world that she´s got nothing to hide, is brought to the reader´s eye in a nice to read a story.

The author shows how different Emma and Riley are with some wonderful scenes. While Emma is the soft blonde beauty who apparently gets everything without any problems, Riley is the woman who has to work very hard to keep everything under control. A control that is vital and lets her have the feeling that she can deal with everything. 

To be honest, I wouldn´t have read it for the cover alone. I like the one, the English edition is showing, way more. It was nice to read, yes, but nothing out of the ordinary. The author can do much better. And though, the novel wasn´t really foreseeable though it felt like it, it isn´t a page-turner either. Guess, you can say, solid novel. Nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully, the next book by Robyn Carr will be better.

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Mira TB in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review.

*Book was published The Life She Wants by Mira on September 27, 2016 

Robyn Carr
Robyn Carr ©Michael Alberstat

Robyn Carr is a RITA® Award-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than forty novels. Her work includes the critically acclaimed Virgin River series. Her novels touch on whether she writes them in the historical genre, romance novels or thrillers. Robyn remembers very well how she started her career as a writer 25 years ago. She was a trained nurse but was not able to take a steady job because her husband had to move professionally again and again. At that time, she read a lot – mainly from the genre of fantasy. During that time, she thought, “I can do that myself!” Her start into the new profession was difficult. She herself thought she had written a new novel with the class “Gone with the Wind”, but she was totally mistaken. It was a big failure. Only her third attempt was successful. Meanwhile, her two children are out of the house and she enjoys the great luxury of leisure. She has led a senior citizen group writing memoirs, is running a book club chat inside and outside the state and works in the local library. Robyn and her husband live in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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