Yesterday afternoon I heard the sad news, that Rosamunde Pilcher had died. I was shocked, couldn´t believe it at first and felt sad. For over twenty years she had been a solid rock on TV in the genre romance. Her novels and other writing material have been filmed in numerous ways; ZDF (a German TV station) has been making more than 100 films since 1989 and they were watched by a broad audience on Sunday evenings. It wasn´t necessary to sit in front of the TV (though we sat there of course) to know, that it was Pilcher-time when certain music was to hear, and the light and romantic tone sounded through our living room.

The wonderful landscapes, the buildings that were shown, and the small towns where every novel was set. Her style was unmistakable. The way how she saw Cornwall, how she brought her figures to life, how she wrote about bad things as well as good ones – was special. It feels strange to say, that I haven´t read any of her books but watched all the movies and still do. Rosamunde Pilcher and her work were a part of my life for so many years and it was wonderful when some German TV stations were airing portraits about her whenever she was celebrating her birthday or had something new coming out.

She always seemed to smile. When she talked about Cornwall, about her marriage with Graham Pilcher and her life in Dundee, Scotland she showed a deep passion and respect for everything. About four years ago, she was portrayed on German TV for her 90th birthday and a camera team went to her home in Dundee. It was beautiful to see her in her house, walking with her dog and later talking with the team about why she had retired from writing. And while she was drinking a cup of tea, she talked about her life, her success, how it all had started, and that she sometimes missed the writing.

Ma’am, we will miss you.

Thank you for your books. For showing us all your Cornwall. That romance and life can be wonderful despite all the bad things that happen sometimes. Thank you.

Rest in peace, Rosamunde Pilcher


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