When I signed up for this challenge, I had the goal to listen to at least 5 titles. And I was absolutely convinced that I would have reached that before I was typing my midyear post for this challenge. Well, so far, I´ve barely listened to one audiobook. Or better said, the first chapter of it. I started listening to it somewhen in January/February of 2019, and now, with June halfway through, I haven´t made any progress with that audiobook since then. Embarrassing, huh?

The audiobook challenge is hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer and Hot Listens.

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown is a book I have as well in print, as in audio. Unfortunately, the prolog was barely understandable because of the “loud” background music. Don´t get me wrong. Nothing against background music while a voice is telling you who produced the audiobook you´re about to listen to or when you hear that music at the end after the audio has finished and the company literally says "Thank you" to you for buying it and listening to it.

That is okay and fine with me. Not sure if I keep listening to it or if I´ll switch to the print and read that instead. Or listen and read both simultaneously. The audiobook while being outside running errands, the print while being at home, relaxing or sleepless in bed. The heck knows …

So, my midyear audiobook challenge update is one that shows that there is still room for improvement. I HOPE that I will be able to reach my goal before we head into December *fingers crossed*.

Happy listening


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