It was quite clear to me, that I had to read this final book in the author´s heart trilogy to find out how everything would end. And what an end it was! This book and this trilogy are the perfect combinations of a true story, love, and that not everything golden is really golden and perfect.

Herz Zu Asche
by Kathrin Lange
Herz Trilogy #3
Publisher Arena on August 1, 2015
Genre Mystery-Thriller
Pages 381
Format Hardcover
Source Publisher
In the end, you too believe in the curse. Juli can hardly believe it: Charlie is alive! At last, David does not need to torture himself any longer. Finally, Juli can be happy with him. But Charlie does her utmost to recapture David. And the spirit of Madeleine Bower drives Juli more and more into despair. David sees only one way to protect his girlfriend: he has to leave her. But Juli´s visions are getting darker and so she decides to put an end to the curse forever – even if she has to sacrifice what she loves most …
The days on Sorrow just do not get better. The sudden appearance of Charlie believed dead, does not make the situation any easier either – on the contrary. Juli is now confronted with a young woman who is doing everything but really everything, to win David over. However, it is becoming clear to everyone that Charlie has a health problem and that does not contribute to defusing the situation.

Love, hate, revenge, and a totally twisted mind bring an incredible fantastic end to this trilogy. Life at Sorrow is not as bright and fun as the sun might suggest, but there is the love between Juliane and David that has the power to overcome even the darkest shadow. Until Charlie arrives all of the sudden out of nowhere and scares the crap out of everyone. That she is up to no good is clear to Juliane from the first second she laid an eye on her. But how in the world can she get David out of her claws?

Kathrin Lange brings the fight between the main figure Juliane and her opposite Charlie to the reader in a haunting and well-written story. The old curse hangs still in the air and the people still believe in it. The authors writing style is sensitive, direct, and with some irony and sarcasm that just brings the right touch to the story. The melancholy that sparkles through the lines is another way to catch the reader´s attention and so it is a great ride to see all those unexpected twists and turns and all those new information that brings together bit by bit a truth which is shocking beyond anything. Two girls who have to fight over one young man but when you look closer, you will see that only one is fighting and she´s not very good at it – that I can tell you. And no, I´m not talking about Juliane.

The author lets her figures go through hell and back, again and again, she lets them suffer, be used, tortured, and thrown out of a normal life as if that wouldn´t exist at all. It is unbelievable what the reader gets to see, and sometimes he knows more than the actual characters in the book, and sometimes they know more than the reader does. There is one dialogue, where exactly that happens and it fits right into it. Once more you´ll discover the fantastic palette of human character and what can happen if the balance that every human being should have inside, is destroyed or unbalanced. Wow, those thoughts and the way they act is not easy to understand, and on the other hand, it makes perfect sense. Sounds weird? Believe me, I was confused at first too, but that changes.

Charlie is a girl I felt very mixed feelings for. On one hand, I felt sorry for her and kind of pity for her but within a few pages I thought what the heck is she up to? And why the heck is David letting her do all that to him? Well, the answers to that come in such an unexpected way and with such drama that leaves you shocked and with your head turning from one side to the other in disbelieve.

A fantastic finish. Great written and staged. Quiet, sometimes a bit dark and at times very melancholic. Leaves nothing to be desired and guarantees absolute reading pleasure. Highest reading recommendation!

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Kathrin Lange
Kathrin Lange ©Susanne Kraus

Kathrin Lange was born in Goslar in 1969. Although she initially had plans to join the police dog squad, her love for books then won the day and she first became a bookseller and then a writer. Today she is a member of the International Thriller Writers and writes bestselling novels for adults and teenagers. She lives with her husband and two sons in a small village near Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, Germany.


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