You know it is Christmas when Little Lord Fauntleroy airs on TV, the Disney channel shows the x-mas movies that had their premiere last year in the US and when the TV magazine tells you that you can watch the Sisi movies with the late Romy Schneider during the two holidays, like every year. Somehow it wouldn´t be Christmas if those movies wouldn´t be shown on television.

I am not really in a festive mood. My Advent plate is finally up on the table with the candles and I will light them later in the evening. All my other decoration is still in the box and will stay there until next year. Though I am not much of a decorator when it comes to Christmas. During my time in the US, the entire house was filled with all kinds of festive decoration and the little Christmas village on the dining room table grew bigger and bigger day by day.

Fond memories.

Although the holidays are supposed to be the time where families come together this year things will be different. The past twelve months have been some tough ones and as much as I would love to celebrate Christmas with my father, I am not sure if this will happen.
But to all those who celebrate, no matter how and where I wish you ...

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays



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