This is a series for kids I became aware of a few years ago when my library got the first three books. I was hooked and had a really good time reading all the Carlotta-books. And this last one is a wonderful finish to the series. I loved the quick dialogues and the way how Carlotta and Katie were acting together. Yup, that one closes the series in a very entertaining way. Thank you Dagmar Hoßfeld for those great books. 

Carlotta-Vom Internat in die Welt
by Dagmar Hoßfeld
Carlotta Series #9
Illustration Edda Skibbe
Publisher Carlsen on October 5, 2019
Genre Children 10+
Pages 330
Format Hardcover
Source Library 

Done! Carlotta has the exam in her pocket! Suddenly everything happened so quickly. The boarding school students disperse in all winds. How shall we continue? Her mother already has a precise plan. But is that what Carlotta wants? Her good friend Katie has a completely different idea: How about a trip through Europe together? Carlotta thinks the idea is pretty cool. She has no idea that she will even see some former classmates on this trip… (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Carlotta is happy. School is done and she is planning and organizing the last things for her four-week trip across Europe. Together with her best friend Katie she wants to conquer as much as possible. Spain, Austria, Greece, The Netherlands, France, and every space between. The world has so much to offer and for an eighteen-year-old girl, freedom is the most precious thing.

The style is fun, full of humor, a bit sarcasm and great dialogues between Carlotta and her best friend Katie. There isn´t one page that doesn´t entertain you. Good, you won´t see any big surprises here, but the fact, that some old figures from earlier books showed up again, was a great plus. Meeting Sofie again was just wonderful. It is quite clear that the author has finished the series with this novel. It was wonderful, more or less, to watch Carlotta grow from ten to eighteen and to see how she deals with her classmates and how she started to get a feeling for what she wanted to become later in life. 

The author shows the reader the world in a very clear way. And it is very entertaining to see how Carlotta´s parents deal with the fact, that Carlotta knows exactly what she wants and what not and that she is very aware of the fact that she no longer wants to live behind the boundaries her mother was always eager to set. 

She has grown up. Carlotta is now eighteen and wants to see the world. Something her mother doesn´t understand. But having finished school and with friends around the world, for Carlotta is nothing impossible. She wants to try things, loves her camera beyond anything else, and knows that life has just begun. Her energy, her adventurous will and that friends are the best that can happen to you besides your family, is brought to the reader in a wonderful story and with a wonderfully created main figure. 

This book is the perfect closure to the Carlotta-series. It was a pleasure reading it and seeing how the main figure starts to conquer the world. For kids and grown-ups alike a very entertaining series. 

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Dagmar Hoßfeld
Dagmar Hoßfeld ©private

Dagmar Hoßfeld was born 1960 in Kiel, Germany. When she was a child, she wanted to become a veterinarian, farmer or studs owner. The fact that she has decided otherwise, is due to her son. When he was about half a year old, she was eager to write a children´s book. She sat down at her desk – and didn´t stop writing. Luckily! Dagmar Hoßfeld lives in a little village between the Baltic Sea and the Schlei and, as she says, has the most beautiful profession in the world: author.


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