With the Weekly Book Wrap-Up, I give you a bit of an insight into all the new books that have arrived at my place. No matter if I won a giveaway, got approved for a reviewer´s copy, an ARC, or just bought one myself. Everything that I add to my shelves, in what way ever and read during the past week or am still reading, I will write about it. And maybe I tell you a bit about the upcoming things on Inkvotary, that is if I don´t forget it and have something to share with you *smile*

I am linking up with Caffeinated Reviewer and Reading Reality and hope you´ll have fun reading it and maybe get the one or the other book inspiration.

Stacking The Shelves #173

I had two new books in the mail thanks to Fischer and Blanvalet. The left cover shows the German edition of Hideaway by Nora Roberts.

Review Copy


Sunday Post #130

At the beginning of the week, on Monday, I began to make a new plan for the garden. With all the rain we´ve had during the past few weeks, it became obvious to me, that all the bark mulch I had put out was either washed away by the partly severe downpour of rain we had seen over the past few weeks or the constant wind we have in the back yard blew it away. And I discovered that the plain soil in the back yard is literally turning into mud and covering most of the plants with a dirty-looking brown layer. All week long I went down into the garden to take out weed and other green stuff I don´t want in there to prepare the soil for new grass.

Here you can see the area I am planning to seed new grass. Hopefully, I will be able to turn that spot into a good-looking lawn.

In the late afternoon, I went for a second time to the supermarket, got what I wanted, and changed again into my garden clothes to keep working on the spot where I want to seed out grass again. Only to notice that the neighbor who had promised to mow the lawn hadn´t done so but instead had stepped right into the spot where I had already prepared the soil for the new seeding. I had to do it all over again and was very angry. Do you know the saying: Too many cooks spoil the broth? Yup, that´s how it feels now.

Tuesday and Thursday I had new releases in the mail, which made my days. I don´t get many book mail these days and so the arrival of a new book no matter if requested or not, is a happy day for me.

On Friday the 13th, Germany remembered the day, the wall was built in 1961. Sixty years ago. It felt kind of strange to watch the official ceremony happening in almost the same spot we had celebrated in 2019 the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the wall. Guess, that wall and its history good and bad will always be an important part of this country.

Saturday was a very “active” day. I went to the supermarket twice. First around eleven (I overslept) and for the second time in the late afternoon. Why? Well, at home, when I was putting all my purchases away, I noticed that I hadn´t bought any lawn seeds. Which had been on top of my shopping list. I was a bit angry with myself but thought I do blog stuff for the next few hours and go later again. I set my alarm clock for 5 p.m. (I have to do that otherwise I totally forget the time) and started to write some reviews, visited other blogs, placed a new book request, edited pictures, and texts, downloaded covers and author pictures, and took care of my household and the redesign plans for the garden. Don´t worry, I will keep most of the planted flowers and plants. I just need to relocate them.


Today, Sunday, it is hot and humid as heck. The weather forecasts predict some severe rainstorms for later in the day and for Monday. Hopefully, it won´t be as bad as the warning sounds. I started a new book and started to get informed about the new corona laws that will come into force on Monday. It still feels weird to me, that we will be able to go to a concert with more than three hundred people. That we can gather as a family again and don´t have to make sure that the table is long enough so that we can keep the required distance.

And finally, I want to share another happy moment with you. On July 28, I celebrated my five-year Twitter anniversary. I wanted to do this for weeks but forgot it every Sunday. Today I thought about it and here we go:

How was your week? Stay safe and healthy.

Happy reading



  1. My week was okay and my weekend busy. I went to Bruges for the day on saturday and today I went to a market ♥

  2. Happy Twitterversary! I am on a break from yard work until it cools down. I am busy planning the garden beds for the front of the house. I have the ideas for the planter and now I must find the materials and also start thinking about what plants I want. I see you got a new Nora Robert's book. Enjoy

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. I have so many plans for the backyard, too. But after a very unpleasant talk with my landlord recently I decided only to take care of the corner that is visible in the pictures. Don´t see a point putting time, money and energy into something, the landlord doesn´t appreciate or wants. Looking forward to see your pictures when you start doing the garden in front of your house. Happy reading.

  3. Good luck with the garden! That would be annoying about the neighbor. :(

    Congrats on the Twitter anniversary!

  4. Happy Twitter anniversary 🎈
    I hope your new work in the garden isn’t washed away if you are expecting severe weather!.
    While you are opening up we are in lockdown for the first time since May 2020 :(

    Wishing you a great reading week

    1. I followed the news with growing concern in your part of the world. It makes me sad, to be honest. And I hope that you will soon be out of the lockdown again. Stay safe and well.


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