The last day of 2021 is almost over, only a few more hours to go until midnight and I am looking back at twelve months full of pain, loss, and tragedy.

The year had started with a wonderful feeling that the pandemic would (hopefully) soon be over and that we could go on with our lives again. That normality would be back at some point. Well, how wrong I was.

In late March I joined the club of those who were officially confirmed Covid-19 cases and although my infection turned out to be one of the milder versions, I went through three weeks of pain and hell. It took me eight months to gain the fitness level back I had had before the infection. In early August I finally received my vaccination jab and was ready to finally enjoy the last few weeks of summer. It was just a great feeling to know that, despite all the rules I still had to follow, I was kind of back in the game called “normal life”.

My birthday in September was a happy day and I enjoyed it very much. A few months later, in November, my stepmom said her final farewell to her elder sister. And became only a few weeks later, in December, for the very first time a great-grandmother. Oh yes, we had pain and happiness close together in 2021.

The last few days of the year I was busy getting all my challenges finished and dealing with the weird mood I had been in during the week. I am not sure how the new year will start or how it will turn out, but I do hope that it will be the last of the pandemic.

I wish you all a healthy and good start to 2022. Have a wonderful New Year´s Eve and a peaceful New Year´s Day, no matter where you are. To a better 2022.

Happy New Year


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