With the Weekly Book Wrap-Up, I give you a bit of an insight into all the new books that have arrived at my place. No matter if I won a giveaway, got approved for a reviewer´s copy, an ARC, or just bought one myself. Everything that I add to my shelves, in what way ever and read during the past week or am still reading, I will write about it. And maybe I tell you a bit about the upcoming things on Inkvotary, that is if I don´t forget it and have something to share with you *smile*

I am linking up with Caffeinated Reviewer and Reading Reality and hope you´ll have fun reading it and maybe get the one or the other book inspiration.

Stacking The Shelves #193

I bought an audiobook.

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Sunday Post #150

My past week was the usual routine, nothing out of the ordinary. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was busy getting the last things done for the old year. I wrote some blog posts, edited some pictures, and went to town Thursday to buy myself the obligatory New Year pretzel. She is made of sweet yeast dough, and we eat her either right after midnight when the new year has already started, or for breakfast in the morning when the New Year is already a few hours old.

I finished literally last minute some books for the 2021 New Release Challenge, despite noticing that I missed most of my challenge goals. Friday was a weird day. I went for the last time to the local supermarket early in the morning, to get all the fresh foods I needed for the long weekend. Yet again, we got new covid rules. And to be honest, I am getting a bit lost with adjusting and understanding them. The firework companies and single shops in Germany weren´t allowed to sell their products, but the people were allowed to fire up what they had stored in their basements or garages (both is prohibited by German law for years now) or could buy in Denmark or Poland. Seriously?

The firework I was able to watch from my balcony Friday at midnight was not only a beautiful one but also as strong and colorful as the one I had watched during the turn of the year 2019-2020.

Saturday was a weatherwise mix of clouds and sun. And very warm temperatures. Today, Sunday, it is again cloudy but warm and it feels more like summer than winter. I spend the New Year´s weekend reading, writing posts, and watching some TV. It is wonderfully quiet in the house, and I hope it will stay that way.

How was your week? Stay safe and healthy.

Happy reading



  1. Nothing better than quiet and good books to start a new year! Happy New Year!
    Here is my post: https://wordsandpeace.com/2022/01/02/sunday-post-47-1-2-2022/

  2. I am loving the Dragon Heart Legacy series and hope you enjoy Becoming.

  3. Are you all in lock down? I am in NC and we are recommended to wear a mask, but that is the only Covid "rule" we still have and most people do not pay attention to it! I honestly just don't know what to think of it all anymore. I had a good bookish holiday, my post is here: https://cindysbookcorner.blogspot.com/p/reading-challenges-2022.html

    1. No, we don´t have a lock down here in Germany *smile*. We have only different rules now. Depends on the status you are having. Recovered, fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all. Last summer it became mandatory that we all have to wear a mask whenever we go to the pharmacy, restaurant, the supermarket, the library etc.

  4. Happy New Year!!! Your fireworks sound fun!

    Glad you had a nice New Year weekend :)

    1. The fireworks were fun. Kind of cheered me up a bit *smile*

  5. It sounds like last week was a productive one for you! I like your tradition of the New Year pretzel. What a great idea! We like to bring in the New Year with hot fudge sundaes. I hope you have a wonderful New Year! Stay safe.

  6. Our week was warm also but is turning colder for the new week. We may even get snow this week, after ~25C this past week. It won't last. It's generally about 12-15C here in the winter for the highs. We are back to staying home more than not, but we never went about without masks. Happy New Year Vi!

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  7. Mmm . . . pretzels. I ate so many of those over Christmas. We have similar firework rules here. Because of the fire danger, we're not allowed to have fireworks that leave the ground, but people just drive to Wyoming and buy whatever they want. Then they come back here and shoot them off.


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