The cover had caught my eye first. So, when this novel showed up on a library shelf, I couldn´t resist. It was a fun read although I found some scenes and figures very similar to the author's Ruby trilogy. Despite that, I had a great time with this book.

Vergissmeinnicht-Was Man Bei Licht Nicht Sehen Kann*
by Kerstin Gier
Vergissmeinnicht Trilogy #1
Publisher Fischer on September 29, 2021
Genre Fantasy
Pages 479
Format Hardcover
Source Library

“And what if this wasn´t a fantasy novel, but reality?” Matilda looked at him. “Then this would mean we´re officially insane.” Quinn laughed. “But isn´t it a lot more fun to be crazy as a couple?”

He´s cool, smart, and popular. She comes from the hated family next door, has a penchant for fantasy novels, and is definitely not his type. But when Quinn is pursued by creepy creatures one night and seriously injured, he sees things that can´t be of this world. But – who can you confide in when statues suddenly speak in bad rhymes and skeletal skulls grin confidentially at you? Preferably the girl across the street who you don´t give a damn about. However, Quinn had not planned that he and Matilda would be catapulted into a magical adventure full of dangers. And even less to fall madly in love … (Personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary)
Matilda is used to the fact, that the neighbors always mistake her for her cousin. Quinn is no exception. But when rumors go around, that Quinn is dead although she knows he isn´t, she wants to help him. And is surprised that she and Quinn share the same kind of humor, that they can laugh about the same things, and they get annoyed by the same things. So, what could possibly go wrong? Everything.

I was so thrilled when I found out that Kerstin Gier is using the same kind of humor and charm, she has used in her famous Ruby trilogy. And it was wonderful to see that she is using some fantasy elements you know and yet don´t know. The soft language with the fun undertone is also a plus. The often-hilarious dialogues and a bit brisk style of a speech made me laugh more than once.

As I said before: I fell for the book because of its beautiful cover design. And yes, the plot isn´t new. I saw many similarities to her other work. But I didn´t mind that. In fact, I liked it a lot how this time fantasy and reality are woven together and how the characters must deal with the unnormal.

Sure, Quinn is a boy to die for. He looks awesome, his charm needs a gun license, and the word “No” doesn´t exist in his vocabulary. Like any other attractive male individual, he gets bored very easily when the buzz has gone. The moment his life changes forever, he starts to see things, others can´t. His process of understanding things is shown by the author in a sensitive and very entertaining way.

With a few simple words and scenes, the author shows that with the physical changes the people around Quinn started to change their behavior towards him too. And not all of it is nice or good.

A successful start to a new trilogy that still has room for improvement. But if you are looking for a fun read with fantasy elements and two well-created main figures, this might be your book. I am curious how things will go on and yes, I am looking forward to the second volume.

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Kerstin Gier
Kerstin Gier ©Gaby Gerster

Kerstin Gier, born in 1966, is working as a freelance writer since 1995, and already had huge success with her first books. Meanwhile, she wrote countless novels for grownups and YA, which are regularly on bestseller lists. Her Ruby Red Trilogy books became world bestsellers and were filmed with famous actors for the big screen. The DeLIA-Award winner lives with her family near Cologne, Germany.


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