I literally devoured this novel within a few hours. And what a ride it was! Two sleepless nights, the more than obvious Twilight vibes, and here we go. I am thrilled and need to know how the story continues. So yes, the next book is already waiting for me.

by Tracy Wolff
Crave Series #1
Publisher Entangled Teen on April 7, 2020
Genre Vampire
Pages 592
Format eBook

My whole world changed when I stepped inside the academy. Nothing is right about this place or the other students in it. Here I am, a mere mortal among gods…or monsters. I still can’t decide which of these warring factions I belong to if I belong at all. I only know the one thing that unites them is their hatred of me. Then there’s Jaxon Vega. A vampire with deadly secrets who hasn’t felt anything for a hundred years. But there’s something about him that calls to me, something broken in him that somehow fits with what’s broken in me. Which could spell death for us all. Because Jaxon walled himself off for a reason. And now someone wants to wake a sleeping monster, and I’m wondering if I was brought here intentionally - as the bait.
Grace has lost everything. She feels numb and the long way from San Diego to Alaska isn´t exactly what she needs but the only way to be together with what´s left of her family. And living with them at Katmere Academy seems not so bad. Until the moment she walks into the Academy for the first time and feels that his place isn´t what she imagined. Nothing at Katmere is as expected and the longer she stays, the more she knows that she must find out what´s really going on within the castle’s thick walls.

At first, I was tempted to compare this to the Twilight novels. But after just a few sentences, I realized that this was not justified. Tracy Wolff´s style is simply too different for that. Her writing style is a mix of witty, blunt, and ironic sentences. And the main figure´s humor and way how she thinks – priceless. Tracy Wolff has a fantastic way to combine her fantasy world with real life. And the tragedy, her main figure is going through is brought to the reader’s attention in a sensitive way. I loved the sarcasm she sometimes has, and the fact, that she isn´t at all like Bella from the Twilight books.

Life at Katmere Academy is different. The Alaskan setting brings an additional atmosphere to the story, and it was wonderful to watch Grace, the main figure, cope with her new environment. Not only the cold temperatures but also what´s going on inside the building. The way how the author starts to build the relationship between her two protagonists is well created. And if you have the additional three chapters written from Jaxon´s point of view, the novel you read first starts to shine in a totally new light.

It was clear from the beginning, that for the protagonist life isn´t as it is for everybody else. Not only is she grieving but she isn´t feeling very well too. And the often-plain-shown hints during scenes complete the impression that something isn´t at all as it is supposed to be.

Grace is a teenager you would think is too young to experience all the things she is experiencing in Crave. She doesn´t seem to be an ordinary teenage girl. At least not from my point of view. Her loss, and the many changes she must face within a short amount of time, seem to have made her grow up a bit faster. At Katmere Academy, she wants easiness and fun in her life and to be together with the last few remaining members of her family. And it is great to watch, how her cousin Macy is helping and pampering her. Or at least, tries.

This is a novel you either love or don´t love. The story isn´t flawless and offers many things that are very familiar (if you read another famous vampire saga already). And yet, this book is totally different from the other. Except for the fact, that here, things are way more dangerous and more mysterious. And as you might have found out by now, I am one of those who love it. But go and read it yourself, to see if I am right or not.

Happy reading

Tracy Wolff
Tracy Wolff ©Mayra K. Calderón

USA Today Bestselling and #1 New York Times author Tracy Wolff collects books, English degrees, and lipsticks and has been known to forget where - and sometimes who - she is when immersed in a great novel. At six she wrote her first short story - something with a rainbow and a prince - and at seven she forayed into the wonderful world of girls lit with her first Judy Blume novel. Since then, over 65 novels have been added. By ten she'd read everything in the young adult and classics sections of her local bookstore, so in desperation, her mom started her on romance novels. And from the first page of the first book, Tracy knew she'd found her life-long love. She loves vampires, dragons, and anything else that could send shivers down your spine. The former English professor now writes full-time erotic romance and contemporary romance as Tracy Wolff, paranormal romance and urban fantasy as Tessa Adams, and young adult novels as Tracy Deebs. The author lives with her family in Austin, Texas.


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