How time flies! It is once again time for the Caffeinated´s 2022 Fraterfest Read-A-Thon, hosted by the one and only Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer. It allows us to read all kind of genres we want to read during this time (see official rules at the end of this post) no matter if print, eBook, or audio. It is the time to gather our spooky, paranormal, mysteries, and thrillers, and bump the night reads or listens for the annual Fraterfest Read-A-Thon. Read or listen to as many books as you can. The readathon starts Friday, October 14th, 2022, and runs through Sunday, October 24th, 2022.

As always, I don´t know which books I will read or if there will be any spooky ones among them. But with the knowledge that I can pick my FEAR Level as I please, therefore it should be no problem for me to find a story that will do it for this challenge. If a historical murder mystery raises the hair on the back of my neck… so be it. Also does count thriller, cozy, suspense, urban, paranormal, mystery, historical, zombies, horror (ok that genre maybe not), dystopian, ghosts, serial killers, and supernatural. And with that wide variety of genres, I am convinced that I will at least be able to read one book from start to end.

Oh, and not to forget. There will be mini challenges for the additional fun and some fun prizes. For more information, please hop over to Caffeinated Reviewer.

Official Rules

This event will be low-key. The host will offer a fun random participant prize. Everyone who completes challenges and participates in the readathon by finishing at least one book will be eligible.

-Link-up (You can link up using your blog, Goodreads bookshelf labeled Fraterfest2022, or link a social media account). A start-up post is not required.

-Spread the Word. Share the post and invite your friends to join. Grab graphic, and or share button for your blog or post to your social media sites. The more participants the better. Grab a book-buddy!

-Read or Listen to qualifying books from Midnight October 14th until 11:59 pm October 24th. (Your Time Zone)

-Approved Reads/listens: Thrillers, Urban, Paranormal, Cozy, Suspense, Mystery, Historical, Suspense, Zombies, you name it. Horror, Dystopian, Ghosts, Serial Killers, Fantasy, and Supernatural. Kimberly doesn´t care if there is romance. You pick your fear level. Sparkle, bloody… all approved. Novellas and graphic novels count too!

-You can combine this with other readathons, challenges.

-Use #FraterfestRAT2022 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to share progress and when spreading the word.

-Have fun, read, and make new friends!

Happy reading



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