Halloween isn´t the same in Germany as in America. But it is clear, that the Germans are spending more and more money on it. And even the inflation can´t change that. From the orange candle to the blood-stained glove at the supermarket, it was like every year. The sweet shelves were filled with all kinds of Halloween goodies. You could buy gummy bears in the shape of vampires, there were buckets of caramel-flavored popcorn, lollipops in the shape of spiders and I don't know what else. Whatever your Halloween-passionate heart desired, I am sure it was there some place.

This year Halloween fell on a Tuesday with rainy weather. But still, wearing a costume didn´t happen outside the streets. Maybe the one or the other kid at the supermarket wore a costume and was nicely made up. But else? Here, it was a quiet night. No trick or treat at the door. No happy kids in the street. As I said, Halloween in Germany is different.

For all those, who celebrate Halloween, I hope you will have fun and that you all stay safe and well.

Till next time



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