is a weekly event originally hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. This meme is a place that spotlights upcoming releases that we´re eagerly anticipating with pure joy.

For whatever reason Jill is not blogging since August 2016 but her meme is still going on. Hope everything is ok and she will be back soon!

Until then, I am joining Tressa at Wishful Endings and her meme Can´t-Wait Wednesday!

I already posted a WoW for the US edition, and now the German edition will come out in a few weeks and I am looking forward to it – and thought why not do another for that edition too?
Sometimes I just have to have both editions and probably will end up reading both editions. It can be quite interesting to see what the translator did with the original novel. If something is missing or got cut out due to the translation. You never know …

Licht In Tiefer Nacht
Author Nora Roberts
Publishing Date September 25, 2017
Publisher Diana
Format Hardcover

The Bodine ranch and resort in western Montana is a family business, an idyllic spot for vacationers who want to ride horses in the apple-crisp air or couples holding weddings under the wide-open sky. A little more than thirty thousand acres, it is home to four generations – and behind the scenes, Bodine Longbow does all she can to keep things running with the help of her siblings, the staff, and the new hire, Callen Skinner. But not far away, an aunt Bodine has never met lives in her own twisted version of a family, one no one knows about, one she never chose. Year ago, Alice was a rebellious eighteen-year-old who ran off looking for freedom and adventure. Now she cowers in fear, rarely seeing the sunlight, her mind shattered by a man who views her – and her offspring – as his rightful property. The Longbows don´t talk about Alice anymore. Many quietly presume that she is long dead. Then a young bartender leaves the resort late one night, and Bo and Cal discover her battered body in the snow. It´s the first sign that danger lurks in the mountains that surround them, and it will not be the only murder to unnerve this peaceful town. But the greatest shock is yet to come when Alice returns – and the threat that follows in her wake will test the bonds that hold Bodine to this place and these people, and thrust her into a darkness she could never have imagined.

And what are you waiting for? Let me know your thoughts about this one or leave me the link to your WoW and I check it out.

Happy reading


  1. I've actually never read Nora Roberts. I did see that she has a book on NetGalley right now. I believe it was called Year One. Hope you enjoy this one!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    1. Yes, Year One comes out in December 2017. There she writes in a different style and tone. But still NR *smile* Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think this sounds like it would be a good read, and something I would enjoy too. Great pick.

    Jenea's Book Obsession's Can’t-Wait Wednesday

    1. NR is always a good read *smile* Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This sounds good! I have only tried the author's J. D. Robb books, and not yet her books under the name Nora Roberts. One of these days! Thanks for sharing!

    1. And I haven´t read her J.D. Robb books *lol* At least not all of them. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I've enjoyed Nora Robert's books for awhile - love them. This sounds great and I hope you enjoy it!

    Renee ~ My Wow

    1. I hope that too, but NR is always a good read *smile* Thanks for stopping by.


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