I had the first novel of this new series by the author already on my desk when I saw this and thought, why not read this first before I start with the printed book. So, this became the first book I ever read by Eva Völler – and it was very entertaining. In English, it could be called The Beginning …. This short novella tells a bit rough story of Ole and how he and Anna and Sebastiano meet for the first time. Ole is, no doubt, a true Viking. And life back then wasn´t as clean, good smelling and comfortable as most of us know it today.

Der Anfang*
by Eva Völler
Time School Trilogy #0,5
Publisher Bastei Entertainment on June 23, 2017
Genre Fantasy
Pages ca.72
Format eBook
Source Purchased

Anna and Sebastiano are back! The perfect couple of the Zeitenzauber-Trilogy has a bold plan: its own Time Travel Academy in Venice, the place where the adventure of their love began. But the recruitment of new students presents itself as unexpectedly dangerous. Their first novice is Ole, and he is a born-and-bred and ruthless Viking who pursues completely different plans than Anna and Sebastiano. Before the two know it, they are to the neck in trouble and must not only fight for Ole´s life, but also for their own. (personal translation by ©Vi at Inkvotary) 
Anna and Sebastiano want to recruit Ole, the son of the Jarl to save his life. But Ole knows nothing about them and as a typical Viking, he rather dies a hero than running away, as he calls it. For Anna and Sebastiano no good news, since they are running out of time and Ole isn´t playing along as they had hoped he would. Because Ole has other plans. And Anna is the part, who grants him to get what he wants. Gold.

A nice to read short-story that tells you how Ole joined the Time Traveling Academy. In a soft and wonderful to read writing-style, Eva Völler shows the life of the Vikings in a very entertaining way. Good, this is no novel that kicks you off your feet. But it is a solidly written story you can enjoy while on the bus, train, or plane.

Anna shows in this novel already (at least for me, since I haven´t read the trilogy yet) that she is very anxious. She fears a lot of things and one of them is, that Sebastiano could get seriously hurt while they are on a time travel. 

Ole is ruthless and rough and treats her like an enemy. Because that is exactly what she is to him. Being a warrior, fighting and winning battles means the world for him and running away like a coward no option at all.

I really enjoyed this little story and for me, it was a good start to the new series by Eva Völler.

Happy reading

*This book was, at the time this review was published, only available in the German language.

Eva Völler
Eva Völler ©Olivier Favre

As a child, Eva Völler liked to make stories. Nevertheless, she earned her buns first as a judge and attorney before she finally put the jurisprudence to the nail. "You can simply get a better mood from writing books than from legal disputes. And you can always decide for yourself how it ends in the end." The author lives with her children on the edge of the Rhön in Hesse.



  1. Huhu :)

    Mir hat der Einstieg in die Geschichte auch gut gefallen, besonders weil ich die Zeitenzauber Trilogie noch nicht gelesen habe. Kennst du den ersten Band der Time School Trilogie bereits?

    Liebe Grüße,
    Lisa von Prettytigers Bücherregal

    1. Hi Lisa,
      ja, mittlerweile habe ich den ersten Band gelesen. Meine Rezi dazu stell ich bald online. Muss mir jetzt unbeding noch die Zeitenzauber-Bände holen *g*

      Danke für deinen Besuch.


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