Little Bitty Lies is a novel you can definitely tell that it was written over ten years ago. The way how Mary Bliss is thinking and acting, her morals, and how she lives, tell you everything. And still, she is a gorgeous character. Sometimes I had the feeling that this is more a crime novel than a normal novel. But in the end, it was wonderful entertainment and gave me a great insight into the life and lifestyle of a certain time and area.

Liebe Und Andere Notlügen*
by Mary Kay Andrews
Translation Susanne Goga-Klinkenberg
Original Title Little Bitty Lies
Publisher Fischer TB on May 22, 2019
Genre Novel
Pages 489
Format Paperback
Source Publisher

Mary Bliss is stunned when she finds a message from her husband Parker: He does not just want to leave her and her daughter Erin, he has also cleared the accounts. To save her face, Mary gets carried away to a tiny white lie: she tells the neighbors that Parker is just on a business trip. But Mary does not want to let her unfaithful husband get away with it. She decides to clear his life insurance. The small obstacle that Parke is alive and kicking should be overcome. But suddenly the attractive private detective Matt appears, who is supposed to find Parker … (personally translated by © Vi at Inkvotary).
Mary Bliss is shocked. Her husband´s gone with all the money they had, and she does not know how to tell their teenage daughter the truth. But most of all, what in the world is she supposed to tell her neighbors? And how can Parker do the impossible and leave her alone with everything? It takes only seconds to turn her life upside down and give her a taste of what she has to face when the truth comes out. 

This might not be the best novel of Mary Kay Andrews but for sure one that contains a lot of criminal energy. Written in a very perky style I had most of the time my reading pleasure. I wouldn´t call it a page-turner, but good entertainment for sure. The author gave the main figure a very sensitive tone and lets her act like a mother hen. And her best friend is saying and acting like a woman who has nothing to fear. 

Mary Bliss is a highly moral woman who does everything to keep her family happy and well. What the neighbors think is way more important. Going outside in her nightgown to water the plants? Impossible. Having some fun along the way while others have to stay inside or work? No way! Her life is orderly, and she knows exactly what to say, when, and how. She is demure but behind closed doors, she becomes murderous, militant, and wants revenge. I started feeling pity for Mary Bliss while reading the first chapters. But soon it turned into a WTF is going on with that woman? She is over thirty, but running around in a bathing suit is not appropriate? Or speaking about sex with her best friend or even her daughter is a sin? Holy heck, lady grow up, please.

The plot wasn´t new to me and from time to time I had the impression, that I´ve read the story already somewhere else. But since I am not able to solve that feeling, I would say this book is nice for a sunny afternoon or time at the beach. But nothing out of the ordinary. Read it if you like and judge for yourself. 

Happy reading

*This book was kindly provided to me by Fischer TB in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you. Therefore, the cover of the German edition is shown first in this review.

The book was originally published in Little Bitty Lies in 2004 by Harper Collins.  

Mary Kay Andrews
Mary Kay Andrews ©Bill Miles

Mary Kay Andrews grew up in Florida and lives now with her family in Atlanta, Georgia. During the summer you will find her in her holiday residence on Tybee Island, a wonderful island just off the coast of Georgia. She is a former reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and since her bestseller Summer Rental, she is considered a guarantor for the perfect holiday experience.


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